Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social media marketing plays a huge role in customer acquisition. It has been proven that if you ignore social media, it directly affects revenue sales, website traffic, and loyalty. Companies need to consistently interact with their customers within social networks to engage and inform them. 

facebook social media marketing

What is Facebook

With over a billion active users across the globe, Facebook is the largest social network service in the world. With users creating profiles and sharing photos and videos with friends and family, it is a perfect way for your business to interact and initiate conversation with your audience!

How Golf Life Media Can Help

With thousands of people who like our page, we can post information about your product or business and get immediate interaction with our audience. We will IDENTIFY your audience, set a performance GOAL, and create quality CONTENT that our audience can trust!

Twitter social media marketing

What is Twitter

With 600+ Million users, Twitter is a place where users can speak their minds, share content, and follow conversations between businesses. Essentially, it is a blogging platform to build product awareness and find new customers. Twitter also has the hashtag tool and it should be used in your strategy!

How Golf Life Media Can Help

In order to build a healthy community on Twitter, you have to share, create, and communicate industry-related news. With over 14K followers we can EXPAND your reach, use twitter to find your TARGET market, and INFLUENCE perspective customers to buy your product!

Google   social media marketing

What is Google +

Not very many people know of Google +, but it has quickly grown the second largest social media platform with just about 360 million monthly users. The biggest asset to having Google + is that it enhances its other online platforms. When it comes to SEO, Google + content trumps any other social media platform!

How Golf Life Media Can Help

With our Google +, we can ATTRACT new customers and build a great relationship with new customers, ENCOURAGE engagement in conversation, and create UNIQUE content for potential buyers to see. What you do here, is just as important as what you do on your website. Having Golf Life promote for you on this platform will only help you!

YouTube social media marketing

What is YouTube

YouTube is the largest empire of video sharing. Content can be uploaded, viewed, shared, and commented on. YouTube is also the #2 search engine on the planet. Getting your video on YouTube helps add value to your content pages within your website!

How Golf Life Media Can Help

Because Golf Life Media has been in the TV business for 25+ years, we have thousands of videos with thousands of views on YouTube. We can create the HIGH-QUALITY HD video, UPLOAD it to YouTube, and PROMOTE your company or product in video form.