Golf Life Media has one main goal, to help companies use video better to identify and convert leads into customers.

Here’s how it works:
Golf Life Media are experts in branded video production and informational video. We have produced videos over the past 25 years for pretty much every type of golf product, property or service related to golf that you can imagine.

Our ability to understand your story and how you sell to your customer allows us to apply best practices to use video to locate new customers and walk them through the sales process.

In the past, if wanted to sell something, you picked up the phone, sent out some emails, maybe had a couple follow up calls, sent some demo materials or samples and provided pricing and closed the deal.

Today, most customers do their own discovery. So the key is to have the proper content in what we call “VideoFlow“, lining up your messages in using short, dynamic videos to walk the person through the process.

We also understand sales automation. By learning your sales process, we find out more about your past customers and create a buyer journey and buyer personas.  This valuable information allows us to plan videos and other content like blogs, white papers, lists and webcasts.

Once we have the content story we can organize landing pages on your website(s) with appropriate forms to engage your potential customer. Using our Lead Scoring solution, we can rank visitors who opened an email or clicked on a banner on Facebook or using Google Adwords. Action Media helps you with the end to end process and creates campaigns to get customers into your sales funnel and on to a qualified lead.

Contact us to discuss your existing video assets and start planning to sell better today.